Quick Installation

The prefabricated nature of the structure and bolts  connections allow the structure to be installed in a short time.

Easy Shipping

Since the structure is designed as separate parts, the maximum number of structures can be transferred using the minimum road capacities

Use New Methods

The latest methods used for optimal energy consumption as well as resistance to earthquakes and storms


Due to the speed of production and the installation as well as low raw materials is very cost effective

Ability to Use Solar Panels

Due to the sloping surfaces in many directions, solar panels can be easily used

Let’s start a new plan.

Rapid production and installation of various structures …

Samples of Igloo Villa Structures

Igloo Villa Dome Structure 94 sqm – Two Stories


Igloo Villa Dome Structure 38 sqm – Type II


Igloo Villa Dome Structure 38 sqm – Type I


Dimensions and construction time


Use of materials without VOC


Use of the structures in cold areas